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About HellDefence

Hell is quite keen on possessing your farm. Why? No one knows. The only thing you know is that there is no place for Hell on your premises.
The goal is to push Hell out of your farm in this Android mobile strategy game.

Download our addictive strategy game on the Android Market now, have a go at this new style of gaming on the Android mobile platform. This is a unique combination of game elements, inspired by tower defence and strategy. With some of the feel of games such as plants vs. zombies, but with a much more fast-paced, strategic, and addicting game play, we think this is one of the best android games out there.

Unlock more cute and courageous characters who will rise to the challenge of defending your farm as you progress through the game's many levels, so your gameplay strategy can keep evolving. Gain upgrades as you battle against harder and deadlier hellish flames.

You may have played farm games, tower defence games, and strategy games on the Android mobile platform, but you won't have seen them combined in such a seamless way as in HellDefence! Visit the Android Market and check out this highly rated game, and start playing!